We are Motodemon and we've been making quality graphics exclusively since 1997. We are based in South Yorkshire, UK where we have the facilities to match up our designs to the latest Sports Bikes. We are a bricks and mortar company, and welcome people to come and chat in person about designs if they wish.

Every member of the production and design staff, including the management are keen bikers - so we know what you want!

The pads are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl thermally printed and coated with a 3D gel layer which has excellent properties:

UV stable - the tankpad won't fade even after repeated exposure to bright sunlight

Design perfection - the resin coating is completely transparrent, therefore highlighting the colour matched design

Ultimate protection - the coating repairs itself when scratched, therefore always having that new look

Durable adhesion - the coating tapers at the edges, so forming an excellent seal against lifting of the pad during cleaning

Over the years we have been manufacturing our product, we have had many letters and emails from bikers who have had several of our competitors tankpads on their bikes, but over a short space of time, the product has considerably deteriorated. We have had reports come in of:

The coating, usually simple lamination, peeling off

The tankpad itself peeling off

The tankpad fading or yellowing after sunlight exposure

- Because of our confidence in our product, we can offer a lifetime guarantee on colour and adhesion - BEWARE OF CHEAP IMMITATIONS!

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