Bazzaz technology is developed first in top-level, professional racing before becoming available to the public.

The demands of pro-level racing forced Bazzaz to vastly improve and reinvent existing technology, from inventing the Air/Fuel Mapper or using RPM data for Traction Control to simply utilizing all available injectors. Here are some of the ways that Bazzaz is the Smartest Tuning Technology™ available.

Fuel Injection Tuning  |  Z-Fi, Z-Fi QS, Z-Fi TC

• Always uses all available injectors, not just lower
• More accurate; reads each signal source directly rather than inferring data from a single source
• Software is easy to use and highly tunable by RPM, throttle position, gear, or cylinder (when applicable)

Self Mapping  |  Z-AFM

• Inventor of self-mapping module; Z-AFM™ collects data while riding to build race-level fuel maps
• Faster data processing; Z-AFM™ can map in just 20 minutes on a dyno
• Z-AFM tunes all throttle positions and RPM 3,000 and above
• Better algorithms from years of top-level racing
• Z-AFM is open loop for quick response, trouble shooting, and to protect the bike in event of an sensor error
• Allows for multiple maps to be at the ready for changing conditions or preferences in fuel economy / AFR
• Can also be used to greatly reduce dyno tuning time
• Universal; can be used to map any bike with a Bazzaz fuel controller

Quick Shift  |  Z-Fi QS, QS4 USB

• Cuts ignition coils, not fuel, milliseconds to allow shift
• Cut times are independent by gear for seamless transitioning (longer times for shorter gears)
• Shift sensor made with an heavy duty internal tension spring for improved tolerance and reliability
• Z-Fi QS is integrated with fuel control for easy installation and use

Traction Control  |  Z-Fi TC

• Only TC system of its kind available
• Uses RPM spike data to determine wheel slip; no wheel speed sensors necessary
• Fully tunable by throttle position, RPM, or gear


• Software interface is easy to grasp on the first use
• Offers countless advanced controls
• One interface for all available functions
• Diagnostic feature can relearn internal gear position and throttle position after modifications

Race Developed

• Developed and proven at the top levels of professional racing.
• Constantly tested and improved by AMA pro riders

*International purchases must refer to the local importer for warranty details.

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