On April 22, 1922 “Rudge Whitworth Milano” was established in Milan, Italy. The primary focus for the company at that time was production and commercialization of wheels for cars and motorcycles.

Production started with a license from Rudge Whitworth in Coventry, Great Britain, which had registered a patent for mounting a wheel on a hub by a unique splined drum, fixed by one central lock nut. This enabled an easier and faster mounting and dismounting of the wheel.  This new system for mounting wheels drew interest from the most elite car makers in the racing industry.  Within a year, Alfa Romeo, Auto Union, Bianchi and Lancia started  to equip their racing and luxury cars with Borrani wheels.

In 1924 the young Enzo Ferrari ran and won the Acerbo Cup in Pescara with a car equipped with Rudge Whitworth Milano wire wheels. A partnership was formed and in years to come Borrani rims would become standard on Ferrari models. Other car makers such as Lamborghini and Maserati also found the rims to be ideal for their racing needs.

As early as the 1930’s Borrani started to experiment with light, rigid aluminum rims (cerchi DD) to replace the standard steel wheels. This was the beginning of a technologically advanced way of producing wheels that is still used today.

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