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Moto Tassinari has long been The Leader in Reed Valve Technology and that continues for 2009. While the heyday of 2-stroke racing might considered a thing of the past in the professional ranks to a few, that hasn't stopped Moto Tassinari from continuing to build on the strong foundation of working with all the top Factory Race
VForce3 has twice as many reeds as a stock reed valve. It looks like two reed valves in one cage. The benefit of doubling the number of reeds is that each individual reed only has to open half as far to get the same amount of fuel to flow. Given the fact that reed petals open and close 133 times per second, the less they move the longer they last. Additionally, the VForce3 reed cage is a modular design that allows each piece to be crafted to do a single job. This is most noticeable at the front of the block where the reed petal tips are recessed into the cage.

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