Bar End Small, UBE-0714 RedBar Weights Gold
Bar End Small, UBE-0714 Silver
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Bar End Small, UBE-0714 Silver

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Small Universal Bar End Weights CNC machined from T6 aluminium from Oberon Performance. Utilising the Oberon Performance expanding collet system, these bar end weights are suitable for any 7/8" handlebar with a hollow, threadless inner capacity 12-19mm. Anodised in the traditional six colours and complimented with stainless steel bolts ensure that these additions will not dull or rust over time.

The expanding collet system is unique in assisting with the nullification of 'ringing' in the handlebars. Because they return the physical status of a hollow bar back to solid, any reverberation is simply killed off.

Weight: 68g per pair

Diameter: 21.5mm

Length: 16.5mm

Depth into handlebar: 36mm

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