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Z-FI QS Quick Shift   Fuel Injection Controler
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Z-FI QS Quick Shift + Fuel Injection Controler

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Quick Shift and Fuel Control in one unit.

The Z-Fi QS unit employs race proven technology for seamless, full throttle, clutchless up shifting. Bazzaz QS cuts ignition timing for just milliseconds to allow for an optimal, ultra-fast shift time resulting in faster lap times and exciting acceleration.

Tune the Quick Shift with user adjustable, gear dependent kill times allowing for optimal shifting in all gears. Being able to tune with independent cut times for each shift point provides smoother, faster shifting, and less wear on the transmission compared to the competition (who offers only one cut time resulting in premature transmission wear). The kit comes complete with control unit, harnessing, shift switch and shift rod.

The Z-Fi QS (Fuel Control + Quick Shift) integrates all the same features of the Z-Fi controller with a more advanced version of the popular Bazzaz QS4 Quick Shift all in one unit.

Customer feedback on the QS4 led Bazzaz to develop a new shift sensor for further improved reliability, which now also includes an application specific shift rod for ease of installation.


  • All the same features of the Z-Fi
  • Full throttle, clutchless up shifting results in faster lap times & more fun
  • Rugged shift sensor with application specific adapter rods for easy installation
  • Gear dependent kill times for optimal shifting at all shift points.

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